Frequently Asked Questions

Payment is due upon service. Housekeepers can collect personal checks/cash from you directly, and we can take your Visa or MasterCard info over the phone when you book your service.
Yes. If you are happy with the housekeeper referred to you, you can expect them on the scheduled day/time agreed upon. In the event that your housekeeper is not available for any reason, we will try to provide a substitute to you.
Yes. We will work with you and your preferred housekeeper to reach an agreement on an optimal schedule for both of you.
MJ's is licensed by the State of Washington. We have posted the required bond, which assures that we are financially able to deliver the services we offer. All of MJ's independent contractors, as well as office staff, have undergone a Washington State Patrol background check. We will reimburse our clients up to $3000.00 if a housekeeper is convicted of a theft. We carry a liability insurance policy that covers any negligent act by MJ's and our staff. This policy does not cover the actions of the housekeepers, who are independent contractors and self-employed. We provide worker's compensation insurance. If they are injured while working in your home and you were not negligent, you will not be responsible for paying their medical bills or lost wages.
Contact us at least 48hrs+ prior to your scheduled day and time. Let us know if you are skipping service altogether or wish to reschedule. Our housekeepers rely on scheduled service (regular income) to pay the bills. The sooner we know you wish to cancel the easier it will be to provide the housekeeper with a fill-in client to replace that income. That being said, we are human, and understand when immediate emergencies happen, and you will not be charged in that situation.
No. You can make arrangements directly with the housekeeper to leave a key or supply the access codes necessary. Or, once you have met or let in your housekeeper, feel free to go about your day and leave them to take care of your home, perhaps with instructions to lock up when they are finished.
In addition to the basics, there are tasks in which your housekeeper may help with that most clients don't think about. Most do laundry, clean closets, drawers and cupboards, iron, provide party help and help with packing and unpacking. Others will run errands and some do light cooking. You can download our Housekeeper Task List for a sample of tasks you may want your housekeeper to perform.
The housekeepers will use your supplies. It cuts down on cost and is optimal for clients with specific types of allergies/sensitivities and provides control over specialty surfaces/appliances. They use what you would use to clean your home, and don't bring in any outside environmental materials that can factor in with other companies that bring their own supplies and equipment.
Recommended supplies to have available are:
  • Cleaning products of your choice.
  • A vacuum that is in good repair, attachments, extra belts and bags, and the instruction manual
  • A light-weight, portable vacuum for the stairs and the 2nd/3rd floor(s)
  • Broom, dust mop and wet mop, with plastic bucket
  • Lots of lint-free, absorbent cleaning cloths, such as Micro Fiber towels or baby diaper style cloths
  • Paper towels, scrubby non-scratch sponges and Magic Erasers
  • An extender duster/Swiffer extender duster (for ceiling cobwebs, delicate surfaces)
  • Plastic trash bags and a laundry basket
Yes. Each client's home and needs are different. Our challenge and expertise is referring a housekeeper that matches your expectations, and that you are happy to have return on an ongoing basis.
The housekeepers we work with are dependent on their regular income. They do deal with cancelations and rescheduling a bit differently than with other jobs. They are self-employed, and are at the mercy of the loss of hours from time to time, that are a result of cancelations and rescheduling. Tipping is something that can offset the loss of hours that housekeepers experience. They work very hard, and as with any other job in the service industry, they appreciate any tip that you feel they should receive. Our clientele typically tip anywhere from $5-$10.00 per service and up. Some of our clientele prefer to tip once a year, as a holiday/yearly bonus. If you would prefer not to tip, that is also your choice, and perfectly acceptable.
We do ask, for everyone's sake, that you secure your pets while your housekeeper is working. We want to protect your pet, and make them comfortable having someone in their home. We also want to protect them, as well as your housekeeper, from possibly injury – pets sometimes get startled and can, and have, suddenly run in front of a housekeeper and caused them to trip, fall and hurt themselves. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule: some pets are elderly, or honestly require no securing. We ask that you use your best judgement and keep these things in mind.